Michael Ross / Manfred Grauer / Bernd Freisleben (eds.)

Digital Tools in Media Studies

Analysis and Research. An Overview

Digital tools are increasingly used in media studies, opening up new perspectives for research and analysis, while creating new problems at the same time. In this volume, international media scholars and computer scientists present their projects, varying from powerful film-historical databases to automatic video analysis software, discussing their application of digital tools and reporting on their results. This book is the first publication of its kind and a helpful guide to both media scholars and computer scientists who intend to use digital tools in their research, providing information on applications, standards, and problems.


Michael Ross (M.A.) is researcher at the film-historical project »Industrialization of Perception«.
Manfred Grauer (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) and Bernd Freisleben (Prof. Dr.-Ing.) head the project »Methods and Tools for Computer-Assisted Analysis in Media Studies«.
Both projects are part of the research centre »Media Upheavals« (SFB/FK 615 »Medienumbrüche«) at Siegen University.


Media Studies, Film Studies, Applied Informatics

01/2009, 196 Seiten,
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ISBN 978-3-8376-1023-9

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-1023-9: Ross et al. (eds.), Digital Tools

Analysis and Research. An Overview


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