Sigrid Baringhorst / Veronika Kneip / Johanna Niesyto (eds.)

Political Campaigning on the Web

Drawing upon a common conceptual framework of political webcampaigning the book offers theoretical reflections on Internet-based campaign politics. It provides a comparative overview on the use of the Internet as a campaigning instrument by diverse intermediary political actors. Taking the empirical findings of Internet appropriations into consideration, the book discusses the impact of political webcampaigning on (transnational) democracy and the transformation of public spheres.


Sigrid Baringhorst (Prof. Dr. phil.) is working at the Department of Social Sciences in the field of comparative political studies and political sociology. She is director of the research project »Changing Protest and Media Cultures« at the Collaborative Research Centre »Media Upheavals« (University of Siegen).
Veronika Kneip and Johanna Niesyto are research fellows in the project »Changing Protest and Media Cultures«.


Reviewed in:, 09.03.2012, Henrik Flor

Political Science, Sociology, Media Studies, Cultural Studies

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-1047-5: Baringhorst et al. (eds.), Political


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