Henry Keazor / Thorsten Wübbena (eds.)

Rewind, Play, Fast Forward

The Past, Present and Future of the Music Video

Due to shifts in the contexts of the production and presentation of the music video, more and more people start to talk about a possible end of this genre. At the same time disciplines such as visual-, film- and media-studies, art- and music-history begin to realize that despite the fact that the music video obviously has come of age, they still lack a well defined and matching methodical approach for analyzing and discussing videoclips.
For the first time this volume brings together different disciplines as well as journalists, museum curators and gallery owners in order to take a discussion of the past and present of the music video as an opportunity to reflect upon suited methodological approaches to this genre and to allow a glimpse into its future.


Henry Keazor (Prof. Dr.) has the Chair in Art History at Heidelberg University. His research fields are Art of the Early Modern Era (French and Italian Baroque Painting), Film, Media, Music Video and Contemporary Architecture (Jean Nouvel).
Thorsten Wübbena (M.A.) works at the Art Historical Institute of Frankfurt University. His main interests are New Media (esp. Music Video) and Database Systems in Art Historical Research.

Henry Keazor: Uni Heidelberg

»Da sich die Autoren und Autorinnen [...] aus unterschiedlicher Perspektive der Thematik nähern, entsteht ein eindrucksvolles Panorama der in Veränderung begriffenen Landschaft des Musikvideos.«
Gabriele Jutz, [rezens.tfm], 6 (2011)
Reviewed in:
Cineblog, 15.12.2010
UniReport, 1 (2011)
GMK-Newsletter, 5 (2011)

Art History, Cultural Studies, Visual and Media Studies, Musicology, Sociology

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The Past, Present and Future of the Music Video


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