Elke Zobl / Ricarda Drüeke (eds.)

Feminist Media

Participatory Spaces, Networks and Cultural Citizenship

While feminists have long recognised the importance of self-managed, alternative media to transport their messages, to challenge the status quo, and to spin novel social processes, this topic has been an under-researched area. Hence, this book explores the processes of women's and feminist media production in the context of participatory spaces, technology, and cultural citizenship.
The collection is composed of theoretical analyses and critical case studies. It highlights contemporary alternative feminist media in general as well as blogs, zines, culture jamming, and street art.


Elke Zobl is assistant professor at the Department of Communication and director of the program area »Cultural Production & Contemporary Arts« at the University of Salzburg (in cooperation with Mozarteum University), Austria, and founder of the online archive www.grassrootsfeminism.net.
Ricarda Drüeke is assistant professor in the Department of Communication at the University of Salzburg, Austria.

Elke Zobl: www.grassrootsfeminism.net
Elke Zobl: Uni Salzburg
Ricarda Drüeke: Uni Salzburg

Reviewed in:
www.freitag.de, 22.11.2012, Liz Weidinger
www.maedchenmannschaft.net, 28.04.2013, Magda Albrecht
GMK-Newsletter, 11 (2013)
fiber, 22 (2013), Katja Stipinovic

Communication Studies, Media Studies, Gender Studies, Cultural Studies, Sociology

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Participatory Spaces, Networks and Cultural Citizenship


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