Matthias Bernt / Britta Grell / Andrej Holm (eds.)

The Berlin Reader

A Compendium on Urban Change and Activism

By drawing together widely dispersed yet central writings, the Berlin Reader is an essential resource for everyone interested in urban development in one of the most interesting and important metropolises in Europe. It provides scholars as well as students, journalists and visitors with an overview of the most central discussions on the tremendous changes Berlin experienced since the fall of the wall. It covers a wide range of issues, including inner city renewal, housing and the local economy, gentrification and other urban conflicts.
The book breaks ground in two dimensions: first, by offering also non-German speakers an insight into the very controversial debates after reunification, and, second, by highlighting the ambivalent consequences of Berlin's urban transformation in the past decades.


Matthias Bernt works as a Senior Researcher at the Leibniz Institute for Regional Development and Structural Planning (IRS) in Erkner. He has published widely on matters of gentrification, urban shrinkage, and local politics.
Britta Grell is a political scientist, lecturer and author, based in Berlin and focused on social policies and urban movements. She is an active member of INURA (International Network for Urban Research and Action).
Andrej Holm works at the Department of Urban and Regional Sociology at Berlin's Humboldt University. He is a well-known expert on the topic of housing and gentrification, and has published various books on the »Right to the City.«

Matthias Bernt:
Britta Grell:
Andrej Holm:
Andrej Holm: HU Berlin

»Der ›Berlin Reader‹ [gibt] als profunde Einführung einen kritischen Überblick über Stadtentwicklung, Debatten und Aktivismus in Berlin seit den 1990er Jahren.«
Elky Krasny, dérive, 55 (2014)
»Bücher wie das vorliegende helfen uns, städtische Entwicklungen zu begreifen und zu verstehen.«
Thomas Feltes,, 10 (2013)

Sociology, Political Science, Geography, Architecture, Urban Planning and the broader audience

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A Compendium on Urban Change and Activism


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