Hein Schoer

The Sounding Museum: Box of Treasures

The »Sounding Museum« fuses anthropology, acoustic ecology, soundscape composition, and trans-cultural communication inside the context of museum education.
Based on the piece »Two Weeks in Alert Bay«, it supplies researchers, practitioners, and audiences with an instrument to gain an acoustic image of the contemporary cultural and everyday life of the Kwakwaka'wakw of Alert Bay, BC. The project mediates intercultural competence thorough the affective agency of sound.
With the coeval »Session Musician's Approach«, introduced and analysed in text, audio, and interactive form, it also bridges the gap between art, science, and education.
With a foreword by Barry Truax.
The box includes a book, 2 DVD and 1 CD.


Hein Schoer (PhD) is a soundscaper and musician. Affiliated with Maastricht University, he researches, teaches, exhibits and performs on identity, auditory anthropology, and cultural heritage and art.

Hein Schoer: www.soundingmuseum.com

»Eine spannende Fundgrube für die Soundscape-Forschung.«
Britta Sweers, Die Musikforschung, 69/2 (2016)

Anthropology, Pedagogy, Acoustic Ecology, Museum Studies

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