Sissy Helff / Stefanie Michels (eds.)

Global Photographies

Memory – History – Archives

How is photography connected to global practices?
This is a first edited collection to trace the relationship between history, photography and memory in a global perspective on three interrelated levels: firstly, in the artistic and cultural production of pictures, secondly, in the decoding of colonial and contemporary photography, and thirdly, in collecting photographs in picture archives dealing with colonial and anthropological photography.
The contributions sketch the contested field of (post-)colonial photography and trace the manifold intertwinements between historical and contemporary photographs.


Sissy Helff teaches at the Goethe-University Frankfurt/M. in the department of New English Literatures. Her most recent publications include her monograph »Unreliable Truths: Transcultural Homeworlds in Indian Women' s Fiction of the Diaspora« (2012) as well as several coedited volumes. She currently works on a book dealing with the image of the refugee in the British writing and a collection of essays dealing with Alice in Wonderland adaptations.
Stefanie Michels is professor for history at the University of Düsseldorf. She has dealt with postcolonial readings of photographies about colonial Black German soldiers (in »Schwarze deutsche Kolonialsoldaten. Mehrdeutige Repräsentationsräume und früher Kosmopolitismus«, transcript 2009) alongside a number of articles on photography and German colonialism.

Sissy Helff: Uni Frankfurt
Stefanie Michels: Uni Düsseldorf

History, Cultural Studies, Art History, Literary Studies, Postcolonial Studies

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-3006-0: Helff/Michels (eds.), Global Photographies

Memory – History – Archives

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