Jenny Schreiber

Politics, Piety, and Biomedicine

The Malaysian Transplant Venture

The discourse on transplantation and brain death has become emblematic of conflicts between certain perspectives on adequate medical care, death and dying. Scientific and religious, modernising and traditional as well as academic and popular voices debate on how to approach these topics. This work captures the heterogeneous and often contradictory views on the Malaysian transplant venture and the treatment option of end stage organ failure from the Malay and Chinese population, physicians, state officials, and Muslim, Buddhist and Daoist clergy. It also addresses vital issues as to the use of and extent to which biomedicine and medical technology in contemporary Malaysia actually benefits its people.


Jenny Schreiber (Dr. med.) studied Cultures and Languages of Southeast Asia and Medicine in Hamburg and Sydney. Her research interests include ethical issues and decision-making processes in biomedicine. She is currently completing her specialist training in Neurosurgery.

Anthropology, Bioethics, Buddhist Studies, Islamic Studies, Medical Sociology, Medicine, Medical Ethics, Southeast Asian Studies, Transplantation Medicine

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The Malaysian Transplant Venture


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