Peter Gendolla / Jörgen Schäfer (eds.)

The Aesthetics of Net Literature

Writing, Reading and Playing in Programmable Media

During recent years, literary texts in electronic and networked media have been a focal point of literary scholarship, using varying terminology. In this book, the contributions of internationally renowned scholars and authors from Germany, USA, France, Finland, Spain and Switzerland review the ruptures and upheavals of literary communication within this context. The articles in the book focus on questions such as: In which literary projects can we discover a new quality of literariness? What are the terminological and methodological means to examine these literatures? How can we productively link the logics of the play of literary texts and their reception in the reading process? What is the relationship of literary writing and programming?
With contributions by Jean-Pierre Balpe, Susanne Berkenheger, Friedrich W. Block, Philippe Bootz, Laura Borràs Castanyer, Markku Eskelinen, Frank Furtwängler, Peter Gendolla, Loss Pequeño Glazier, Fotis Jannidis, Thomas Kamphusmann, Mela Kocher, Marie-Laure Ryan, Jörgen Schäfer, Roberto Simanowski and Noah Wardrip-Fruin.


Peter Gendolla (Prof. Dr. phil.) is Professor of Literature, Art, New Media and Technologies and Director of the Research Center »Media Upheavals« at the University of Siegen.
Jörgen Schäfer (Dr. phil.) is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Research Center »Media Upheavals« at the University of Siegen.

Reviewed in:, 5 (2007), Cristiane Heibach
Ars Semiotica, 33 (2010), Ernest W.B. Hess-Lüttich/Peter Dängeli

Literary Studies, Media Studies, Cultural Studies, Art Studies, Applied Computer Science

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Writing, Reading and Playing in Programmable Media


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