Anna Schürmer

Klingende Eklats

Skandal und Neue Musik

Sound éclats push good sound (and good manners) to the limit; they serve as seismographs of social problems as well as aesthetic experiments, sounding out the acoustic dimensions of modern day.

Autorenbild Schürmer, Anna

Anna Schürmer (Dr. phil.), born 1980, is a cultural studies researcher and music journalist with a particular focus on experimental sound. Since 2014, she is a research assistant of the ERC-research group "The Principle of Disruption" at TU Dresden, where she analyses disruptive potentials within the field of acoustics, in particular concerning noise. Her current research project Posthumane Sinfonien connects question of the posthuman to sound scapes and investigates the hybrid aesthetics of the digital age. She researches and teaches, gives lectures, and regularly publishes features, reviews and essays in various print- and broadcasting media.

Anna Schürmer:
Anna Schürmer:

Studies of media culture, science of history, musicology, cultural studies, media studies

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Skandal und Neue Musik

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