About Us

The Publishing House
transcript is one of the leading academic publishers in the German-speaking world. We focus on work in cultural studies and the social sciences, in history, philosophy and in cultural management. We cover these fields with more than 100 series, approximately 400 new releases a year in German and English, as well as a backlist of over 3000 titles. 

Our Program
We launched transcript in the late 1990s, in order to provide an editorial space for innovative research. This commitment has formed a unique publishing landscape in which various academic disciplines are articulated at the highest level. In this broad, yet well balanced program, along with classical scholarly formats we also publish engaging, readable essays which find significant audiences outside of the academic sphere. 

International Positioning
An increasing number of authors in the international context have their sights set on a global readership and are publishing in English. In order to be able to meet the challenge of this development as a publishing partner, we are not just continually expanding our network of  international distribution partners, but we have also set up a small office in London, which is helping a growing number of international authors to find their way to us.

Print Meets eBook
Almost all of the titles in our list are published simultaneously in print and digital formats (eBooks). As of the end of 2016, transcript’s digital library houses approximately 3000 eBooks, making it one of the largest in the German-speaking world. 

eBooks – Quality with Reach
Our eBooks are published as PDFs, and, where appropriate, also as EPUBs. As they are supplied with thick metadata and DOI numbers, they are optimized for search engines and citability. The use of bookmarks makes it easy to navigate through the content. Thanks to our strong distribution network, our eBooks are available across the globe on leading content platforms and online stores. Integrated into hundreds of library catalogues, their reach is really quite impressive. 

All Clear for Open Access
Freely accessible content is already a reality, and one which we are committed to playing a part in. Currently, almost 400 titles are available on our web platforms as open access publications. We balance the interests of the various parties so that a new culture of publishing can evolve between the traditional values of bookmaking and the innovations of the twenty-first century. This culture is something we are committed to: we believe that open access academic publishing is more than just distributing data and filling archives and repositories. 

A Striking Look
Since the birth of our publishing house, one of our main aims has been to give innovative content and unmistakable look – a maxim which our design team has never lost sight of. This investment – more significant than most other publishers in the field – is not just a gesture of respect to our authors and books, but also part of our commitment to make every single new release special and unique.
We see ourselves as offering a program which does not just supply academic libraries, but rather also addresses an interested readership outside of the academic context. For this reason, with every new book we ask ourselves which design is most appropriate for the book and its readership.

Affordable Retail Prices
Books ought to be affordable! In addition to academia and libraries, our program is aimed at a broader readership. In order to make our books attractive to them, we keep the retail prices low – in contrast to the conventions of the academic book market. 

Our IT
Our IT is one of the pillars supporting our publishing house. This is increasingly no longer limited to system administration, but also includes software development. The constant dialog between the editorial team, sales and marketing and IT sparks innovative, flexible and valuable solutions. 

Partner Publishing
We view ourselves as the communicative partner of scholarship, and aim to assist our authors and editorial institutions to achieve optimum visibility. To do this, we are committed to high levels of transparency and comprehensive media networking – our young team and our flexible infrastructure offer the best conditions for developing cooperation models which are perfectly tailored to the needs of our partners. 

Our Communication
We are committed to our subjects and communicate every single book to their potential readers in a targeted fashion. In addition to personal interactions at trade fairs and conferences, this includes our diverse forms of print media, including previews and trade brochures, but also thematic and series flyers and book-cards. Digital channels such as our bilingual website have been growing in importance for years, as has as our social media presence and our newsletter, which we compile individually on a monthly basis for each of our approximately 100,000 recipients from academia, the media and the general public, libraries and booksellers

Sales and Distribution
Our sales and distribution department works hard to promote both the print and eBook versions of our titles, competently and quickly serving a finely-managed network of customers, right across the world. This ranges from a packet for library users in Munich to a paperback for a reader in Shanghai, right up to eBook lending in Melbourne. The question of which book would suit each reader spurs on our five-person team and our representatives to be constantly improving.

Become Part of our Network
Whether as an author or editor, as a research organization, service provider or potential distribution partner – we’d love to get to know you and your work, and to collaborate to develop new, creative models of cooperation!