Distribution and Marketing

Sales and Distribution
Our sales and distribution department, distribution networks and our sales representatives ensure the wide-spread marketing and distribution of your title – in bricks and mortar book stores as well as online booksellers. We cooperate with all of the important book wholesalers and ensure rapid availability of our print titles. Beyond this, we facilitate full-text search capabilities for customers and booksellers via Google’s »Book Search«, Amazon’s »Search Inside« as well as the »Look Inside« functionality of a range of other booksellers, with whom your book can be searched through for keywords.
In light of the huge volume of academic publications, making our titles as visible and easy to locate as possible is one of the focuses of our mission as a publisher. An important tool is our full-text indexing, which breaks a book down into metadata, making it able to be found by any user through an internet search.
Through our partnership with Columbia University Press in New York, and the integration into an ever-growing international sales network (including Gazelle Book Services Ltd. in the UK and Europe), we can distribute and market our English-language titles right across the world.
For our e-books, we have a broad network of world-leading distributors, aggregators and suppliers at our disposal (including De Gruyter, Preselect, EBSCOhost, Pro Quest COMPANIES [such as EBL, ebrary and MyiLibrary], CoreSourceFulfillment and Dawson), which make the e-books available on the international (library) market, and in a large range of shops. Furthermore, your e-book is available in our transcript web shop. Our digital open access editions also find worldwide distribution through these channels.
Authors, editors and contributors to anthologies can take advantage of a personal author discount to the value of 30 percent (for journals, 20%) of the retail price when they order directly from the publisher. For this, please use the ordering function on our website, and indicate that you are an author during the registration process in the specified field. The discount is not only available for books that we have published, but also for all publications in the transcript program. Our sales and distribution department is also the point of contact for organizing book tables and book presentations (order@transcript-verlag.de).

Our Website
Every title in the transcript list is presented extensively on our website. Alongside the cover, the cover blurb and information on the author is there (with the option of linking to their website), along with excerpts from any reviews. In addition to this, an extract can be downloaded including, sections such as the contents page. After your book has been printed, you will also be asked to respond to a few questions about your publication. The questions and their responses will then also be put on our website as a short author interview.
With approx. 120,000 visits per month (adjusted for search engine errors), our website is a highly efficient advertising medium that we regularly and diligently update and maintain.

For all segments of our publishing program, transcript has a very comprehensive and sophisticated customer and multiplier databank. Via email newsletter, we inform colleagues in the field, multipliers and reviewers about the publication of your book. Interested reviewers from relevant outlets are invited to order a review copy free of charge from the publisher. Subject specialists from libraries and booksellers are also regularly informed via email newsletter about the new arrivals in their field.

Catalogs – Preview and Title List
Our Program Preview appears twice a year (in June and December), in which all new titles for the coming season are presented in detail.
The annual brochure »New and Recent Titles« presents all the publisher’s current English-language titles.
The transcript books are promoted through the catalogs, primarily at conferences, conventions and fairs, but also in university departments and other research institutes, in the book trade and with direct customers.
Our English-language titles are also included in the catalogs of our publishing partner, Columbia University Press, alongside their own titles: http://cup.columbia.edu/catalogues

Book Card / Poster
Alongside our lists and brochures, we create a Book Card for every title: a four-color, promotional postcard, featuring a brief contents list, along with author information and the cover design. You will receive a large number of Book Cards along with your author’s copy, allowing you to promote your book amongst colleagues. We are also only too happy to offer you the Book Cards as PDF files. We use the Book Cards in order to promote your book at conferences and conventions.
The publisher also includes Book Cards with purchases of books on related topics. Upon request, we can send you a poster for your book, so that you can hang it, for example, in your office or in your department. These posters can also be made available to booksellers.

All important editorial departments of national media outlets (print, TV, radio, web), as well as academic presses are informed several times a year about our new titles. Alongside this, transcript maintains a highly comprehensive network of reviewers that is continually updated and expanded. We inform these reviewers directly, as soon as new titles are published that may be of interest to them. transcript sets aside a reserve of approx. 20 review copies for each title. Review copies are sent free of charge by the publisher, if the reviewer tells us where the review will be published. Should you already have a review confirmation – through personal contacts or the like – please send us the address and the publication venue. We are more than happy to then send a free copy to the reviewer. We collect excerpts of any discussions of your book that we have come across in your book’s presentation area on the website.
We also let you know who has asked for review copies of your book. But please wait at least six months from the publication date before asking. Should you hear about a review that has not yet been mentioned on our website, we really appreciate receiving it if you can send a brief note and a copy of the review to our press department, since editorial teams unfortunately don’t always inform the publisher about the publication of a review.  Contact: presse@transcript-verlag.de
Unfortunately, it is generally not possible to send free copies before the publication of the review has been confirmed. Should the number of requested review copies exceed the available quota of free copies, the publisher reserves the right to make a decision on sending out review copies depending on the relevance of the publication venue.

Book Tables at Conferences and Conventions
We are always monitoring important trade conventions in the various subject areas and academic disciplines of our publishing program. Where there is common ground with our program, we make contact with the organizers and send free copies and promotional material to the events to be displayed on book tables. We are all too happy to receive tips about conferences and conventions where your book could be presented.

Presentation at the Frankfurt Book Fair
Every year at the Frankfurt Book Fair, we lovingly and stylishly present the new publications of the Spring and Fall production.
If your book is published after the Frankfurt Book Fair, we present it the following year.

Alongside their presentation in our brochures and on our website, your book is also promoted in other books in our list, for example, in other publications in the same series. Should you have the opportunity to place an advertisement for your book (possibly in exchange for an advertisement in a transcript publication), please let us know – we are happy to help you with this!

Our rights and legal department is responsible for the compliance with the protection of your intellectual property rights. As with all other transcript departments however, the most important thing for us is the widest possible distribution of the content of your book. Our mission as a publisher does not stop at national borders. With our activities in the field of licensing, we are committed to making it possible for your work to be distributed beyond linguistic barriers. For this reason, even before publication, we assess your title for its international marketability, and present it to potential licensees by translating the title information into English and include your volume in our »License Newsletters«. In addition, we create our »Rights Catalogue« for our license partners across the world twice a year, and we are also present at book fairs and other events, to promote your book in the international sphere. Thanks to the quality content of our list, and the excellent academic reputation of our authors and editors both in Germany and abroad, we maintain fruitful contacts with agencies and publishers across the globe. With the promotion and publication of your work in other languages, our aim is to to support you to make the global scientific and academic community aware of the results of your research. We would be delighted if you were keen to work together with us to achieve this goal. To this end, you can send us information with information relevant to an international context in English, which we will send to appropriate publishers and agencies in the course of our regular licensing activities. Contact: Stefanie Hanneken (rights@transcript-verlag.de)