E-books with transcript

We make almost every publication available both in a print edition and as an e-book in PDF format, with some published additionally in the EPUB format.

e-book Formats
PDF e-book
A PDF e-book is generated from the ready-for-print PDF file of a book, and assigned additional bookmarks (so that individual chapters can be directly accessed).
Every PDF e-book is assigned a DOI number, enabling it to be clearly and permanently located and cited on the net, right across the world.
For all PDF e-books, a comprehensive abstracting and indexing process is carried out. The creation of a full text index improves searchability and with this, improves its distribution potential. For this purpose, we work together with numerous A&I services.
In addition, we equip our PDF e-books with thick metadata that we generate ourselves, which enables them to be efficiently located and managed in libraries and shops.
As such, our e-books measure up to the gold standard.
PDF e-books are standard in the academic field. Through the stable pagination – identical with the print version – the formatting conforms to the norms of academic citation. Academic libraries are increasingly acquiring PDF e-books – to some extent instead of print editions. A PDF e-book can also be read on computers, tablets and mobile devices.

For the creation of an EPUB e-book, the text of the book and relevant book data is converted into a special format; the formatting of the printed book cannot be retained. The time and effort required for the creation of an EPUB e-book is greater than for a PDF e-book. We supply our EPUB e-books with metadata, enabling the books to be located and managed by libraries more efficiently. EPUB e-books are standard in the field of fiction publishing, though they are also used in non-fiction and academic publishing. The most important shop formats (e.g. Google and Apple) are based on the EPUB format. EPUB e-books are optimized for being read on mobile devices. The page structure is flexible; there is no fixed pagination.

Digital Rights Management
We provide all e-books with a »soft« copying protection (watermark), and in this way protect them from unlawful use. At the same time, however, the customer’s use of the e-book is as free as possible.

Distribution and Marketing
Your e-book will be distributed via various different channels.
Through our business partners we deliver your publication to thousands of online shops (including Amazon Kindle-Shop, Google Book Search etc.) and bookstores.
Furthermore, your book is available in our transcript web shop.
Through our partnerships with DeGruyter, Preselect and international library aggregators such as CoreSource Fulfillment, Dawson, Pro Quest (EBSCO, EBL, Ebrary, MyLibrary), we have access to a powerful network in the international library market. These major, international content aggregators ensure that the content reaches libraries across the world. Our library partners provide every library user with innovative, fully customized models of acquisition – such as user-directed purchase (PDA), packet purchasing, purchase of individual chapters, pick & choose, or borrowing models. Due to the international scope of our distribution network, our e-books are available across the world with the standard market features, such as invoicing in local currencies, etc.
We promote our e-books with the same dedication and resources as our print editions.