FAQ e-books

Please also note our T&Cs for purchasing digital products.

What is an e-book?
An e-book is a digital copy of a book. The entire content of the book is represented digitally (title, cover, publisher information, table of contents, book text, images). There are different file formats available for e-books, which are optimized for different forms of use (see below).

Which formats are there?
PDF e-book: A PDF e-book is generated from the print-ready PDF file of a book with additional bookmarks (so that individual chapters can be accessed directly). PDF e-books are most common in the scientific world. Through the stable pagination identical to that of the print book, they meet the standards of academic citation. Scientific libraries increasingly purchase PDF e-books – sometimes even instead of a print copy. A PDF e-book can be read on PCs, tablets, and other mobile devices.
EPUB: To create an EPUB e-book, the book text and relevant information are converted to a special format. The original typesetting cannot be retained, the page layout is variable, and there is no stable pagination. EPUB e-books are most common in fiction, but are also used for
non-fiction and scientific books. EPUB e-books are optimized for being read on mobile devices. The most important shop formats (e.g., those used by Google and Apple) are based on EPUB.

What do I need in order to read a transcript e-book?
Through the transcript web shop, you can purchase EPUBs and PDFs. PDFs are best suited for use on a PC or Laptop. This requires, for instance, a current version of the free Adobe Reader or the likewise free software Adobe Digital Editions. EPUBs are typically read on e-book
readers, tablets, or smartphones with EPUB reading software. Our EPUBs can also be read on PCs or Laptops with the respective reading software (e.g., Adobe Digital Editions).
On shop-specific devices, such as Amazon readers or Apple devices, the use of EPUBs and PDFs bought from the transcript web shop may be restricted or only possible with additional software.
Our e-book files are between 0.5 and 300 MB in size.

Copy protection
The e-books we sell in our shop are equipped with so-called “soft” Digital Rights Management (watermarks) for protection against unauthorized use while ensuring the best possible experience for our customers. Passing on files or parts of files to third parties is not permitted.
External shops and libraries usually have their own Digital Rights Management, which may differ individually.

What is a watermark?
In the e-book file, buyer-specific information (such as e-mail address, customer number, order number, etc.) is visible and cannot be removed. This watermark enables illegal copies to be traced back to the original purchaser. Of course, when creating the watermark, we adhere to the privacy policy that applies to any purchase through our shop.

Can I print or copy the e-book?
E-books purchased through the transcript store are only protected with watermarks. You can make unlimited copies or printouts (PDF e-book only) – for personal use only. When purchasing e-books from other shops, other copy protection systems may be in use, and limit the number of printouts or copies. Please refer to the respective T&Cs.

Are e-books subject to fixed pricing?
Just like print books, e-books are subject to fixed pricing, since German book price fixing also regards products that reproduce or substitute books (BuchPrG § 2 Paragraph 1 Section 3).

How much is the VAT on e-books?
VAT is currently 19 %.

Do I receive an invoice for the purchase of an e-book?
Just as when you buy a print book, you receive an invoice for the e-book. However, unlike on print books, the VAT on an e-book is 19 % (as of May 2014).

Can I return the e-book?
No, because it cannot be fully returned.

What does “Purchase of an e-book” mean?
When you order an e-book, you do not purchase a right to ownership, but the non-exclusive, non-transferable, spatially and temporally unlimited usage right to the file for exclusively private purposes. Passing on these contents to third parties is forbidden. Please also refer to our T&Cs about this.

Can I revoke the purchase of an e-book?
No. Because the e-book is available for download immediately after the order, and we therefore initiate delivery before the beginning of the revocation period, the right to revocation expires immediately.

How do I pay for my e-book?
In our shop, e-books can only be paid for in advance (i.e., via credit card, direct debit, etc.).
Immediately after paying, you can download the e-book. You instantly receive a download link via e-mail.

Can I give away an e-book?
No. For e-books, you purchase a personal license to use the e-book. The user license only allows your personal use and it is not transferable. By purchasing digital products you do not gain ownership, but merely a simple, temporally unlimited, non-transferable usage right. The e-book is exclusively for your personal use. Forwarding, sharing, or reselling the file is not allowed.

How long does the download link remain active?
After purchasing an e-book, there is no temporal limit for redeeming the link. In your customer account in our web shop you can access all e-books you purchased from the transcript shop through the bookshelf feature at any time.

The file is damaged/cannot be opened.
Should an e-book file be damaged, please contact our distribution department (order@transcript-verlag.de).

The file is not compatible with my mobile device.
An e-book shall not be returned due to unfulfilled system requirements. Please check whether the requirements are fulfilled and whether the right software is installed before you buy an ebook.
Our shop offers EPUB files and PDFs. Unless your mobile device is tied to a certain store (such as Amazon or Apple), you can read our EPUBs on your reader, smartphone, or tablet without limitations.
To read an EPUB on a PC or laptop, you may need special software. Our PDFs can be downloaded to laptops and computers. Some mobile devices are also suitable for reading PDFs. Please check the capabilities of your mobile device.

My e-book was deleted. Am I entitled to a replacement?
Please secure your e-book files regularly. If an e-book is lost, you are not entitled to a replacement.
In your customer account in the transcript web shop, you will find the e-books you have purchased through our website in a virtual bookshelf and can always access your e-books.

How is the download link delivered?
The e-book is made available for download online immediately after your purchase. After completing the purchase, please click "Download e-book" in the order overview. In addition, you will receive a download link via e-mail; in your order confirmation, simply click "download".
In your customer account the e-book will also be stored in your personal digital bookshelf after purchase.

Do I need to be online to read my e-book?
No. You only need an internet connection for buying and downloading the e-book. A previously downloaded e-book can be read offline.

What do I do if I have not received my download link?
A download link will be available on the website immediately after completing your purchase. Additionally, you will receive the download link via e-mail. Please check whether the e-mail with the download link ended up in your spam folder. Should there be technical problems during download, please contact our distribution department with a detailed description of the error (order@transcript-verlag.de).

Where can I redeem the download or a free code?
The download is available right after completing a purchase. A download link for your e-book will also be sent to you via an e-mail to the address you provided.
A free code for a review copy or author's copy can be redeemed via the link provided to you via e-mail or here on our website.

What can I do if I forgot my login information?
Please request a new password through our shop.


How is my personal information used?

Your personal data is only used for handling your purchase from the transcript shop or for access to the digital bookshelf, not for advertisement purposes. However, you can register for the newsletter separately.

Where is my information stored?
Your data will be stored in a secure part of our web shop that is protected against unauthorized access. To handle your order, data will additionally be transferred to our own database system and, as far as this is necessary for processing your order, to our distribution partners and
payment providers, who in turn make sure your data is treated according to data protection law.

How is my information protected?
Compliance with data protection rules is very important to us. Please also refer to our Privacy Policy.


Where can I find the bookshelf?
If you are logged into your transcript web shop account, you will find the menu item “My ebook purchases” in the right column of your account management page. This menu item takes you to your personal e-book shelf.

How can I set up a digital bookshelf?
At any time, you can register a customer account through our website (via “My account”) and while ordering. After registration of a customer account, a bookshelf is set up automatically, as soon as you have bought an e-book through our shop.
Via “My e-book purchases”, you can access all e-books you have bought from transcript after registering your customer account.

Can I add other contents (from other shops or my own files) to the transcript e-book
No. The transcript bookshelf only contains books that you have bought in our web shop.

Can I pass on my login information to other people?
By purchasing an e-book, you merely obtain a simple, non-transferable usage right. Passing on access to your digital bookshelf or customer account to third parties is therefore not permitted.

Can I use the bookshelf without an internet connection?
No. An internet connection is required for access to the transcript bookshelf.

How many books can I store in my bookshelf?
All e-books purchased through the transcript web shop are stored in the bookshelf without space limitations.

Where are my data and books stored?
Your data will be stored in a secure part of our web shop that is protected against unauthorized access.