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Dear librarians,
welcome to our website! In this area, you find information tailored specifically for your field.

Our program for your department
With a backlist of approximately 3,000 titles and a dynamically growing program of approximately 350 new publications per year, transcript provides your department with substantial contributions from social and cultural sciences as well as from philosophy and aesthetics. In cooperation with you, we strive to make our contents available to as many students, lecturers, and researchers in your institutes as possible.

Print copies
Our print books and journals are available directly through our shop or via an e-mail order (order@transcript-verlag.de). Of course, we grant you the customary discounts for scientific or public libraries. For continued orders of our series, please contact our distributors or your specialized dealer.

Transcript e-book collection
Most of our new publications as well as or backlist is available in electronic form (PDF) for integration into your library catalog.
Find out about your purchasing options here.

Digital added value with transcript
With our e-book collection, we wish to provide your library with the greatest possible added value. This includes, among other things, the faster and better availability of contents through state-of-the-art search functions, DOI linking with CrossRef, Citation retrieval through copy/paste functions, remote access, simultaneous use without loan periods, 24h availability of e-books, no damage or theft, permanent usage rights, archive rights, or up-to-date usage information.
All e-books come with comprehensive metadata compiled by us and delivered by our distribution partners in your format of choice.

To ensure a simple integration into your catalog and exact searches, our titles are enhanced with a fine-tuned keyword system. Our metadata for print books is available through our partner NewBooks. For electronic issues, it is available through your e-content aggregator.

Newsletter / Information Material
Please subscribe to our subject-filtered newsletter here for monthly information on our new publications in your subject area. Please add the name of your library and department in the comment field.
Or let our partner NewBooks inform you about our new publications to benefit from procurement plans matched with OPAC, including delivery of our extensive metadata in the format of your choice.
Take a look at our program via the main menu. Direct access to our introductory literature can be found in the respective title sections as well as through the main menu item studies. Information about our series can be found through the main menu as well.
Our current preview brochure and subject brochures can be downloaded here.

Your questions and comments on our library service are always welcome.
Your contact person is Stefanie Hanneken:
Tel: +49 (0)521 39 37 97 24
Fax +49 (0)521 39 37 97 34
E-Mail: bibliotheken@transcript-verlag.de