Our Strenghts

The continuing globalization of academia and the digitization of academic texts, information systems and distribution channels, combined with the simultaneous increase in the overall number of academic publications, have brought about a drastic transformation in the publishing culture of academia, to which we as a publisher wish to remain open and adaptable. This transformation places new and increased demands on the task of ensuring the optimal distribution of academic publications today.
The following is a sketch of our responses to this situation, and our approach to the publication of academic literature today.

Our Program – a happening place for innovative research in the international context
We set up transcript at the end of the 1990s in Germany, in order to create a productive space for globally-oriented research. Now we are expanding our publishing activity onto the global stage.
An increasing number of authors in the international context have their sights set on a global readership and are publishing their work in English. Correspondingly, the number of English-language titles in our list is gradually rising. In order to be able to meet the challenge of this development as a publishing partner, we are not just gradually expanding our international business partners to include Columbia University Press, Gazelle Book Services Ltd. and other partners in the print and digital fields, but we have also set up an office in London, which is helping a growing number of international authors to find their way to us for possible collaborations.
Our program is a happening place for innovative research in the international context. Every single title makes a contribution to this – and profits from it.

Our Organization
We guarantee swift publication!
For the decision-making process on whether to publish academic texts, we require only a few weeks. This includes our peer review process, which conforms with international standards.
Additionally, after the delivery of the finished manuscript, we require only around 4-6 months to get the book onto the international book market.

Our Publication Formats: print and e-book
The publication culture of academia is being subjected to drastic change as a result of the process of digitization, a process to which we as a publisher wish to remain open and adaptable.
For all formats, we assure the highest standard of media quality, visibility and communicative reach.
In the print field, we offer hardcover formats which conform to international standards, which can be complemented by softcover editions, depending on the marketability of the content. At an international level, we also offer the typical models available in the German-speaking world, combining high, softcover-only print runs with low, subsidized retail prices, in order to increase reach.

For all formats, we realize a method of »hybrid publishing«, combining high quality print with digital editions, which in our experience continues to be the most effective publishing model for the cultures of publication and reception of cultural studies, social sciences and the humanities, and their highly competitive spheres of attention. Accordingly, we take care to maintain the highest standards in the layout and look-and-feel of our printed works, which aim for the pinnacle of the international academic publishing landscape. Fittingly, we also publish all of our titles as e-books in gold standard. We also provide the possibility of open access formats.

Communication, Marketing and Distribution
The digitization of informational and distribution systems along with the high publication output of academia set new challenges for communication and marketing of academic publications. More than ever it is all about increasing visibility and reach through precise and comprehensive information, but also through ensuring the quality of the communication by directly addressing a customized target group, and in doing so, to make each individual title stand out from the crowd of information, and to secure for it the attention it deserves.
In addition to classical and modern advertising media in high-quality color printing, we are increasingly making use of digital media and networking. The careful design and maintenance of our website and various social media channels is reflected in a raised digital profile. In addition, our email newsletter, which is partially customized to the interests of each addressee, presents every single title to its target market.
Of course we also ensure the comprehensive distribution of our titles – in bricks and mortar as well as online stores. Through our partnership with Columbia University Press in New York, and the incorporation into a continually growing international sales network (including Gazelle Book Services Ltd. in the UK and Europe), we can market and distribute our (English-language) titles worldwide. For our e-books, we also have a broad network of world-leading distributors, aggregators and suppliers, which make the e-books available on the international (library) market and in a large number of shops.
In this way, we reach store inventories, libraries, media and potential customers in equal measure.