Publication Request

Proposal for a book

Dear Author,

Are you interested in publishing with transcript? We would love to learn more about your project!

We are currently accepting proposals for monographs and anthologies.

  • For monographs, please submit a copy of the completed manuscript. If the manuscript is still in progress, a substantial book description or précis will be required. You should also include a suggested title and table of contents, as well as the introduction, conclusion and list of references.

  • For a dissertation, please follow the requirements laid out for a monograph. In addition, please include a copy of your supervisor’s written evaluation of the completed dissertation.

  • For anthologies or edited volumes, please submit a précis, as well as a table of contents and list of authors. Excerpts from contributions are also welcome, when available.

Please note that because of sector-specific constraints, we do not publish diploma or master's theses.

Please submit your project proposal as an e-mail attachment (RTF, PDF, or DOC) to
Authors and editors of English language manuscripts may also contact our London office.

The body of your email should contain the following information:

Personal Information:
1. name and academic title
2. mailing address
3. e-mail address and telephone number

Book Information:
4. all authors (monograph)/eds. (anthology), main contact person
5. (working) title
6. total number of characters including spaces and footnotes
(for anthologies, the estimated number of pages)
7. number of planned photos/diagrams/tables
(if applicable, broken down into color and greyscale)
8. type of publication (e.g., dissertation or habilitation treatise, collection,
9. if applicable, the context in which the manuscript was conceived

We will process your request as quickly as possible. You should expect a response, typically within four weeks, that may include a concrete proposal.