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transcript provides a program that offers current scientific answers to the central questions in contemporary culture, society, and politics. Be it globalization, genetic engineering, or other current developments: we are convinced that the social and cultural sciences are presently facing new challenges. And we are convinced that, especially today, there is a growing public need for advanced analyses and interpretations.
Thus, transcript provides an editorial home to current and innovative scientific debates, creating room for thought also and especially across established disciplines. And we raise and cater to a broad public interest in scientific insights on key topics of our time.
This approach makes transcript attractive for science and the media alike: we enjoy great appreciation for our program from specialists, scientific communities, and the supra-regional media.

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. After the review is published, we would like to ask you to send us a proof or a link to the review for documentation purposes.
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We try to serve all review requests. However, in some cases, we cannot provide a review copy because we only have a limited amount of free copies available.

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