Acting and Performance in Moving Image Culture

Bodies, Screens, Renderings. With a Foreword by Lesley Stern

This volume offers transdisciplinary perspectives on the study of acting and performance in moving image forms. It assembles 26 international scholars from dance, theatre, film, media and cultural studies, art history and philosophy to investigate the art of acting and the presence of the human body in analog and digital film, animation and video art. The volume includes classical case studies and essays devoted to acting history and acting and genres, but its particular emphasis is on introducing a wide range of groundbreaking theoretical approaches – from continental and analytic philosophy to new media theory and cognitivist research – all of which interrogate the fundamental conceptions of »act« and »actor« that underwrite both popular and academic notions of performance in moving image culture.


  1. Frontmatter

    Seite 1
  2. Editorial

    Seiten 2 - 4
  3. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 8
  4. Foreword

    »›Always Too Small or Too Tall‹«: Rescaling Screen Performance

    Seiten 11 - 48
  5. Introduction

    Etymological Uncoveries, Creative Displays: Acting as Force and Performance as Eloquence in Moving Image Culture

    Seiten 51 - 58
  6. Presentations and Representations

    Spectacular Acting: On the Exhibitionist Dynamics of Film Star Performance

    Seiten 61 - 70
  7. Cary Grant: Acting Style and Genre in Classical Hollywood Cinema

    Seiten 71 - 86
  8. Mimesis and Narration: The Performance of Actors and Cinematic Point of View in The Lady Eve and The Virgin Suicides

    Seiten 87 - 100
  9. Postfeminist Portrayals of Masculinity and Femininity in Action Films: Mr. & Mrs. Smith

    Seiten 101 - 114
  10. Quantum of Craig: Daniel Craig and the Body of the New Bond

    Seiten 115 - 128
  11. Appearances and Encounters

    Actor/Character Dualism: The Case of Luis Buñuel's Paradoxical Characters

    Seiten 131 - 144
  12. Frames for Ambivalence: Acting out Realism in Italian Neorealism and the Films of Christian Petzold

    Seiten 145 - 158
  13. The Actor as an Icon of Presence: The Example of Delphine Seyrig

    Seiten 159 - 176
  14. Living Pictures: From Tableaux Vivants to Puppets and Para-Selves

    Seiten 177 - 194
  15. All about Gena, Myrtle and Virginia: The Transitional Nature of Actress, Role and Character

    Seiten 195 - 208
  16. Affects and Affections

    A Surrealist Turn: Transformative Gestures in The Birds

    Seiten 211 - 232
  17. Berlin Alexanderplatz: The Becoming-Violence of Performance

    Seiten 233 - 246
  18. Dangerous Liaisons and Counterfeit Affections: Cinema as Seduction

    Seiten 247 - 258
  19. An Inscrutable Face: Nicole Kidman in Dogville

    Seiten 259 - 274
  20. Character-Witness, Actor-Medium

    Seiten 275 - 288
  21. Actions and Animations

    Between Image and Volatility: Framing Motion in Dance and Film

    Seiten 291 - 302
  22. The Temporal Dimensions of Screen Performances: Exploring Expressive Movement in Live Action and Animated Film

    Seiten 303 - 320
  23. Carnicke Emotional Expressivity in Motion Picture Capture Technology

    Seiten 321 - 338
  24. Going Native with Pandora's (Tool) Box: Spiritual and Technological Conversions in James Cameron's Avatar

    Seiten 339 - 362
  25. Double Negative: The Actor, the Non- Actor, and the Animated Documentary

    Seiten 363 - 376
  26. Reflections and Perspectives

    Bodies of Light: Towards a Theory about Film Acting from a Communicative Perspective

    Seiten 379 - 394
  27. Thinking through Acting: Performative Indices and Philosophical Assertions

    Seiten 395 - 412
  28. An Emphasis on Being: Moving towards a Responsive Phenomenology of Film('s) Performance

    Seiten 413 - 428
  29. Being on the Screen: A Phenomenology of Cinematic Flesh, or the Actor's Four Bodies

    Seiten 429 - 446
  30. Passion and Exposure: New Paradoxes of the Actor

    Seiten 447 - 478
  31. Contributors

    Seiten 479 - 488
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Jörg Sternagel

Jörg Sternagel, Universität Potsdam, Deutschland

Deborah Levitt

Deborah Levitt, Eugene Lang College The New School New York City, USA

Dieter Mersch

Dieter Mersch, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Schweiz

»Der Sammelband ist nicht einfach eine weitere Publikation, die der Beziehung zwischen neuen Technologien und Schauspiel gewidmet ist, und er bietet mehr als einen Überblick über schauspielerische Performance in zeitgenössischen Massenmedien, nämlich vor allem Ansatzpunkte für neue analytische sowie theoretische Zugänge.«
Mattia Lento, NCCR Mediality Newsletter, 9 (2013)
Reviewed in:
GMK-Newsletter, 11/12 (2012)
Jörg Sternagel / Deborah Levitt / Dieter Mersch (eds.)
Acting and Performance in Moving Image Culture Bodies, Screens, Renderings. With a Foreword by Lesley Stern
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Film Theory, Performance Studies, Moving Image Studies, Aesthetics, Ethics, Film, Body, Theatre, Media Aesthetics, Theatre Studies, Media Studies

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