Memory Boxes

An Experimental Approach to Cultural Transfer in History, 1500-2000

This volume discusses a practical approach to cultural transfer and exchange through the concept of »memory box«. Ideas of displacement, transfer, and cultural memory are explored through case studies from Scotland to Italy and Germany and from Finland and France to the American colonies.

The authors develop an understanding of memory boxes as cultural constructions that are involved in the process of making and disputing memory – but which, simultaneously, are important agents for cultural transfer over space and time. This book emphasises »memory box« as an idea that allows us to study the cultural processes of transfer in conjunction with cultural memory.

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2014-06-23, 242 Seiten
ISBN: 978-3-8376-2786-2

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Heta Aali

Heta Aali, University of Turku, Finland

Anna-Leena Perämäki

Anna-Leena Perämäki, University of Turku, Finland

Cathleen Sarti

Cathleen Sarti, Universität Mainz, Deutschland

... with the editors

1. »Books the world doesn't need.« Why is this not the case for your publication?

The world needs our book because it offers fresh points of view to the concept of cultural transfer from an experimental research project. Even a reader who does not know anything about the concepts cultural transfer and memory box will enjoy this book. We discuss a wide range of interesting themes for many researchers focusing on various time periods. The articles of the book have an unique way of approaching the theme and will work as a starting point to further research.

2. Which novel points of view does your publication offer?

The idea of ›memory boxes‹ offers a new approach and way to see and understand cultural transfer through time and space. The authors of the book approach the concept of memory box as a practical research tool, not only as an abstract concept. Therefore, the book offers new tools to study historical and cultural questions on both physical and non-physical objects. The novelty thus lies both in the methodology and in the conceptual level of the work.

3. What is the significance of the subject in current debates?

The concept of cultural transfer is widely debated among historians and cultural researchers. In today's globalisized world it has become crucial to understand the processes behind the exchange of influences, cultural practices and ways of thinking. Our publication gives a new angle to the debate by using the concept of memory box as a practical tool to understand this exchange, not only between different cultures, but also between different periods of time in European history.

4. With whom would you most like to discuss your publication?

With everyone who is interested in cultural history and cultural transfer. Students and researchers of history and cultural studies alike.

5. Your publication in one sentence:

Our book offers an experimental approach to cultural transfer in European history by using the concept of memory box as a research tool.

»The idea of the memory box is an inspiring one, and as such, it can certainly open new vistas for cultural historians.«
Marika Keblusek,, 17/3 (2017)
Memory Boxes An Experimental Approach to Cultural Transfer in History, 1500-2000
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