Bounded Mobilities

Ethnographic Perspectives on Social Hierarchies and Global Inequalities

Mobility is a keyword of late modernity that suggests an increasingly unrestrained and interconnected world of individual opportunities. However, as privileges enable some to live in a seemingly borderless world, others remain excluded and marginalized. Boundaries are created, modified and consolidated, particularly in times of hypermobility. Evidently, mobility is closely tied to immobility.

This volume features ethnographic research that challenges the concept of mobility with regard to social inequalities and global hierarchies.


  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4
  2. Contents

    Seiten 5 - 8
  3. Mobility and Immobility: Background of the Project

    Seiten 9 - 12
  4. Im/mobilities in Subjects and Systems

    Seiten 13 - 16
  5. I. Introduction

    Bounded Mobilities: An Introduction

    Seiten 19 - 34
  6. Critical Mobility Studies as a Political Middle-Ground?

    Seiten 35 - 38
  7. II. Identities and Boundaries

    "So, now I am Eritrean": Mobility Strategies and Multiple Senses of Belonging between Local Complexity and Global Immobility

    Seiten 41 - 58
  8. Stigmatised Mobility and the Everyday Politics of (In)visibility: The Intricate Pathways of Palestinians in Tel Aviv

    Seiten 59 - 74
  9. From One Side of the Wall to the Other: The Deconstruction of a Physical and Symbolic Barrier between Israel and the West Bank

    Seiten 75 - 92
  10. III. Imagination and Time

    (Im)mobility, Urbanism and Belonging: Being Immobile and Dreaming Mobility in Greece

    Seiten 95 - 112
  11. On Being Stuck in the Wrong Life: Home-Longing, Movement and the Pain of Existential Immobility

    Seiten 113 - 128
  12. Mobility in a Congealed Room?

    Seiten 129 - 144
  13. Small-Scale Mobility and National Border Politics: Western European Border Formation in the Nineteenth Century

    Seiten 145 - 162
  14. IV. Gendered Im/mobilities

    From the "Periphery" to the "Centre": Cross-Border Marriages between Mainland Chinese Women and Hong Kong Men

    Seiten 165 - 182
  15. Dislocating Punjabiyat: Gendered Mobilities among Indian Diasporas in Italy

    Seiten 183 - 206
  16. V. Virtual Im/mobilities

    "The World Has no Limits, so Why Should You?": Migration through Marriage in Times of Increasing Digitalization and Securitization of Borders

    Seiten 209 - 222
  17. Virtual Im/mobilities: Three Ethnographic Examples of Socialised Media Usage, Civic Empowerment and Coded Publics

    Seiten 223 - 242
  18. VI. Fixations within Mobility and Multilocality

    The Economic Diaspora: The Triple Helix of Im/mobilisation in the Hype about Migration and Development

    Seiten 245 - 264
  19. The Experience of Multilocal Living: Mobile Immobilities or Immobile Mobilities?

    Seiten 265 - 282
  20. Conceptual Notes on the Freedom of Movement and Bounded Mobilities

    Seiten 283 - 290
  21. List of Authors

    Seiten 291 - 296
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Miriam Gutekunst

Miriam Gutekunst, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Deutschland

Andreas Hackl

Andreas Hackl, University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom

Sabina Leoncini

Sabina Leoncini, University of Florence, Italy

Julia Sophia Schwarz

Julia Sophia Schwarz, Ludwig-Maximilians-University, Munich, Germany

Irene Götz

Irene Götz, LMU München, Deutschland

»An important and timely contribution to mobilities research. Regarding the sophisticated use of language and analysis of the cases, the volume is suitable for researchers or graduate students who have some experience with mobilities literature rather than under graduate students or beginners in the field.«
Ilkay Tas Gursoy, Anatolia, 05.06.2017
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Swiss Migration News, 05.07.2016
Contemporary Sociology 46/6 (2018), Emily Rauscher
Bounded Mobilities Ethnographic Perspectives on Social Hierarchies and Global Inequalities
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19. Mai 2016
Globalisierung, Migration
Anthropology, European Ethnology, Sociology, Migration Studies, Border Studies, Mobility Studies
Mobility, Border, Immobility, Ethnography, Inequality, Power Relations, Globalization, Migration, Ethnology, Cultural Anthropology

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