Doing Cultural History

Insights, Innovations, Impulses

"Doing Cultural History" collects papers on a variety of topics. The issues addressed span from the 12th to the 21st century and include the communication of peace in written and pictorial sources, narrative structures in legal texts, masculinity and violence, and new research into Scottish medieval history as well as a comparison of religious theme parks and the perception of sorcery and false saintliness in early modern Spain.


  1. Frontmatter

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  2. Editorial

    Seiten 2 - 4
  3. Content

    Seiten 5 - 8
  4. Preface

    Seiten 9 - 10
  5. Introduction

    Seiten 11 - 16
  6. A Black and White Peace. On the Possibility of Peace within the Dichotomies of Arthurian Literature

    Seiten 17 - 28
  7. Writing war - communicating peace? The peace treaty of Edinburgh- Northampton of 1328

    Seiten 29 - 44
  8. Peace on Paper Illustrated in Pictures. The visual representation of peace treaties in Early Modern Europe

    Seiten 45 - 56
  9. Narrative Structures in Legal Texts An Introduction to the Panel

    Seiten 57 - 60
  10. Narrative Elements in Deposition Documents

    Seiten 61 - 70
  11. Sentimental Contracts. The Affective Narrative Structure of Puritan Covenant Theology in Jonathan Winthrop's A Model of Christian Charity

    Seiten 71 - 84
  12. Narrative Elements in Treaties of Peace and Alliance

    Seiten 85 - 96
  13. The Jerusalem Experience Comparing Theme Park Versions of the Holy Land

    Seiten 97 - 108
  14. Searching for other spaces, or: How useful is Foucault's concept of heterotopias as a method for historical research effectively?

    Seiten 109 - 116
  15. Man as Victims. Speaking and laughing about violence against men

    Seiten 117 - 130
  16. Courageous surgeons, enduring patients The performance of masculinity in medieval military medicine (14th-15th century)

    Seiten 131 - 142
  17. Clash of Civilisations in Medieval Scotland or Can Culture Explain Conflict?

    Seiten 143 - 160
  18. At the forefront of resistance to England? Melrose Abbey and the Scottish Wars of Independence

    Seiten 161 - 174
  19. Between Love and Social Advancement. The Marriage Arrangements of the Late Medieval Maxwells of Caerlaverock Castle

    Seiten 175 - 192
  20. Contributors

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  21. Backmatter

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1. Why did You choose this topic?

The idea of releasing a volume in the FSP's book series that brings together some of the FSP-funded papers at international conferences came up on the occasion of Research Unit's tenth anniversary. We had a reason to look back and therefore the wish emerged to gather, record, and present some of the already done work to a broader audience.

2. What new perspectives does your book offer?

Every researcher is familiar with the issue: Interesting findings besides the big project for the next monography or innovative considerations in or new perspectives on the own field of research are often the basis for a paper and the following discussion – but without conference transcript, these results, however fascinating they might be, will vanish. This time, they won't!

3. What makes your topic relevant for current research debates?

The term ›Cultural History‹ still seems to be a bit nebulous. In this book, the reader can find representative examples, what persons, who call themselves Cultural Historians, investigate, how they work, what their findings are. It won't answer the question ›What is Cultural History?‹ but rather ›How is Cultural History done?‹

4. Choose one person you would like to discuss your book with!

Every person who says: ›Oh my goodness, what are you actually doing at all those conferences?‹

5. Your book summary in one sentence:

Researchers are ›Doing Cultural History‹ – and they do it with many variations.

»Das Close Reading der Quellen in vielen Beiträgen eröffnet [...] die Nachvollziehbarkeit des Arbeits- und Argumentationsganges. So bietet der Band erste Zugänge zu unterschiedlichen Gegenstandsbereichen und zu diversen Quellengruppen sowie gelungene Fallstudien.«
Astrid Ackermann,, 19/11 (2019)
Judith Mengler / Kristina Müller-Bongard (eds.)
Doing Cultural History Insights, Innovations, Impulses
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27. September 2018
History, Cultural History, Literature
Cultural History, Essay, Perception, Gender Studies, Media, History

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