Aesthetic Temporalities Today

Present, Presentness, Re-Presentation

This volume is dedicated to the interrelation between temporality and representation. It presumes that time cannot be conceived of as an abstract chronometric order, but that it is referring to materiality, being measured, represented, expressed, recognized, experienced and evaluated, and therefore is always closely related to cultural contexts of perception and evaluation.

The contributions from various disciplines are dedicated to the present and its plural conditions and meanings. They provide insights into the state of research with special emphasis on the global present as well as on art and aesthetics from the 18th century until today.

The anthology includes contributions by Mieke Bal, Stefan Binder, Maximilian Bergengruen, Iris Därmann, Gabriele Genge, Boris Roman Gibhardt, Boris Groys, Maria Muhle, Johannes F. Lehmann, Nkiru Nzegwu, Francesca Raimondi, Christine Ross, Ludger Schwarte, Angela Stercken, Samuel Strehle, Timm Trausch, Patrick Stoffel, and Christina Wessely.


  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 6
  2. Content

    Seiten 7 - 8
  3. Preface

    Seiten 9 - 10
  4. Aesthetic Temporalities Today: Present, Presentness, Re-Presentation

    Seiten 11 - 14
  5. 1. The Global Spaces of the Present

    The Global Promise of Contemporary Art

    Seiten 17 - 30
  6. Present, Presence, Presentation

    Seiten 31 - 38
  7. Visible/Unvisible Present

    Seiten 39 - 56
  8. Exhibiting Earth History. The Politics of Visualization in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Century

    Seiten 57 - 66
  9. Painting, Photography, Polychronicity: Lang Jingshan's Portrait of Zhang Shanzi

    Seiten 67 - 86
  10. Temporality, Oríkì and Nigeria's Contemporary Art

    Seiten 87 - 100
  11. The Presentness of a Minority. Notes on the Indian Twelver Shia

    Seiten 101 - 110
  12. 2. The Present in Art. Perspectives from Art History

    Time and Form: The "Unthought Known"

    Seiten 113 - 128
  13. Rhythmical Presentness. On the 'Rhythmology' of Perception. Maldiney—Cézanne—Rilke

    Seiten 129 - 142
  14. Temporal Concepts of the Present and their Aesthetic Negotiation in Black Arts Movement and 'Black Atlantic'

    Seiten 143 - 168
  15. The Aesthetics of Coexistence as Ongoing

    Seiten 169 - 182
  16. "There is first of all the doubtful contemporaneity of the present to itself." The Spectral Present of Control and the Strategies of Performance

    Seiten 183 - 194
  17. 3. The Presentation of Presentness and Presence

    Presentations as Aesthetic Temporalities

    Seiten 197 - 206
  18. Extreme Situations of the Political. Hannah Arendt's Article "The Concentration Camps" (1948)

    Seiten 207 - 218
  19. "Fortrollende Gegenwart:" Psychopathology and Epical Present Tense in Georg Heym's Der Irre and Der Dieb

    Seiten 219 - 238
  20. Now-time Explosion. The Experience of Time in Social Revolution

    Seiten 239 - 248
  21. Histories of the Present—a Media Philosophical Approach

    Seiten 249 - 266
  22. Biographical Notes

    Seiten 267 - 278
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Gabriele Genge

Gabriele Genge, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Deutschland

Ludger Schwarte

Ludger Schwarte, Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Deutschland

Angela Stercken

Angela Stercken, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Deutschland

Aesthetic Temporalities Today Present, Presentness, Re-Presentation
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10. November 2020
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Art History, Aesthetics, Cultural Studies, History, Literary Studies, Philosophy, Sociology;
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