Mindfulness and Meditation at University

10 Years of the Munich Model

Why should mindfulness and meditation be taught at universities? What impact could the establishment of such programs have on students and on the education system itself? Andreas de Bruin showcases the remarkable results of the first ten years of the Munich Model »Mindfulness and Meditation in a University Context« – a program started in the year 2010 in which 2000 students have already participated.

Through meditation-journal entries featured in the book, students describe the effects of mindfulness and meditation on their studies and in their daily lives. In addition to an overview of cutting-edge research into mindfulness and meditation, along with in-depth analyses and explanations of key terms, the book also contains numerous practical exercises with instructions.


  1. Frontmatter

    Seiten 1 - 4

    Seiten 5 - 6

    Seiten 7 - 8

    Seiten 9 - 10
  5. Preface

    Seiten 11 - 12
  6. Introduction

    Mindfulness and Meditation in the Educational System – a Paradigm Shift?

    Seiten 14 - 24
  7. Self, Soul and Mind

    Seiten 25 - 30
  8. The Heart, Love and the Self are Educational Subjects Too – a Field Report

    Seiten 31 - 36
  9. Intellect and Intuition

    Seiten 37 - 40
  10. Research

    Seiten 41 - 54
  11. Structure

    The Munich Model "Mindfulness and Meditation in a University Context"

    Seiten 56 - 68
  12. Theses within the Framework of the Munich Model

    Seiten 69 - 73
  13. Events in the Lecture and Film Series "Spiritual Teachers and Their Teachings"

    Seiten 74 - 76
  14. Exercises and Notes from Student Journals

    About Teaching

    Seiten 78 - 82
  15. About the Exercises

    Seiten 83 - 88
  16. Risks

    Seiten 89 - 100
  17. Sitting Meditations

    Seiten 101 - 116
  18. Mindfulness in Daily Life

    Seiten 117 - 121
  19. "Making Space for What's Important"

    Seiten 122 - 124
  20. Mindful Cooking and Eating

    Seiten 125 - 130
  21. Mindful Communication

    Seiten 131 - 134
  22. Body Scan

    Seiten 135 - 142
  23. Loving Kindness

    Seiten 143 - 150
  24. Walking Meditation

    Seiten 151 - 158
  25. Sutras

    Seiten 159 - 162
  26. Sound Meditation

    Seiten 163 - 166
  27. Conclusion

    General Conclusions

    Seiten 168 - 172
  28. Journal Notes on Expectations

    Seiten 173 - 174
  29. Journal Notes on Learning/Exams

    Seiten 175 - 176
  30. Journal Notes on Reflections

    Seiten 177 - 183
  31. Statements

    Seiten 184 - 186
  32. Feedback from Students Interviewed in the Film Shanti

    Seiten 187 - 188
  33. Experiences from Implementation in Practice

    Seiten 189 - 194
  34. Appendix


    Seiten 196 - 198
  35. List of Sources for Key Citations

    Seiten 199 - 202
  36. Total List of Sources

    Seiten 203 - 208
  37. A Message from Our Benefactors

    Seiten 209 - 210
  38. About the Author

    Seiten 211 - 216
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Andreas de Bruin

Hochschule München, Deutschland

1. Why did you choose this topic?

The main reason for implementing this program was to offer students the opportunity to get more in touch with themselves and thus more in touch with their own source of inspiration and creativity. I myself have experienced inner peace and an increased ability to focus on whatever I do through my personal meditation practice. It has also helped me to find my path in life and to muster the strength and energy necessary to achieve it. Enabling students to discover their own inner compass was important and meaningful to me.

2. What new perspectives does your book offer?

It shows the potential of mindfulness and meditation in the context of higher education, especially from the students' own points of view, based on their meditation journals. It also contextualizes the teachings of a number of great spiritual teachers. And it advocates for a greater focus on the inner dimension of human beings, while pointing to a needed paradigm shift in the educational system.

3.What makes your topic relevant for current research debates?

Up to now, research on mindfulness and meditation has focused almost exclusively on its effects. What is proving to be increasingly more important is how it can be successfully implemented through various fields of activity. The Munich Model is an example of this. It also encourages more research on topics like the self, the soul and intuition.

4. Choose one person you would like to discuss your book with!

Jon Kabat-Zinn.

5. Your book summary in one sentence:

An inspiring book about the tremendous benefits of bringing mindfulness and meditation into the university curriculum!

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Andreas de Bruin
Mindfulness and Meditation at University 10 Years of the Munich Model
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