Aging Studies / Kulturwissenschaft

Casado-Gual, Núria

Núria Casado-Gual , born in 1975, teaches English theatre and literature at the University of Lleida in Catalonia. As a member of the Department of English and Linguistics and as project leader of the research group Dedal-Lit, she leads two research...


Cerezo Moreno, Marta

Marta Cerezo Moreno teaches English Literature at the Universidad Nacional de Educación a Distancia (UNED), Spain.


Chivers, Sally

Sally Chivers is a Full Professor in the Departments of English and Gender & Women's Studies at Trent University in Peterborough, Ontario, and a founding executive member of the Trent Centre for Aging & Society.


Clotworthy, Amy

Amy Clotworthy holds a Ph.D. in ethnology and a Master's degree in applied cultural analysis, both from the University of Copenhagen. In her position at the interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Aging (CEHA), she teaches and conducts research on how health...


Concilio, Carmen

Carmen Concilio (PhD, Prof.) teaches English and Postcolonial Literature at the University of Turin, Italy. She was a student of Claudio Gorlier, the first Italian Chair of Postcolonial Literature in English. She specialized in the field of Canadian,...


Domínguez-Rué, Emma

Emma Domínguez-Rué (PhD), born in 1976, teaches in the Department of English at the University of Lleida in Catalonia. She has worked not only on ageing studies but also within the American studies and on narratives of disease, contemporary detective...


Endter, Cordula

Cordula Endter (M.A., Dipl.-Psych.) ist wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin am Institut für Volkskunde/Kulturanthropologie an der Universität Hamburg.

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