Afrontar las crisis desde América Latina

Bielefeld University Press Afrontar las crisis desde América Latina



The long-essay series Afrontar las crisis desde América Latina is edited by the Maria Sibylla Merian Center for Advanced Latin American Studies (CALAS). It deals with a broad variety of issues that demonstrate Latin America's significant experience in dealing with multiple crises. In facing these challenges, theoretical and empirical approaches are generated that are of importance not only for the region, but also for the general understanding and solving of the current problems of humanity.


The transdisciplinary research of CALAS focuses on critical questions of how crises and processes of change are triggered, accelerated, decelerated, perceived, and reflected by different actors. It asks what strategies for dealing with crises on multiple levels arise in the process and analyses how new approaches to problem solving – including transregional approaches – can be made more effective or institutionalized.

Each volume is reviewed (double-blind review) by a Steering Committee member of CALAS as well as by a member of the Scientific Advisory Board with a particular expertise in the respective topic of an essay.

The series is a collaboration between the publishing houses of Guadalajara University (Mexico), University of Costa Rica, University of San Martín (Argentina), FLACSO Ecuador and Bielefeld University Press and is funded by German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.


Editorial Board:
Sarah Corona Berkin (Universidad de Guadalajara), Olaf Kaltmeier (Universität Bielefeld), Gerardo Gutiérrez Cham (Universidad de Guadalajara), Hans-Jürgen Burchardt (Universität Kassel)


Steering Committee:
Hans-Jürgen Burchardt (Universität Kassel), Sarah Corona Berkin (Universidad de Guadalajara), Valeria Coronel (FLACSO-Ecuador), David Dias Arias (Universidad de Costa Rica), Alejandro Grimson (Universidad Nacional de San Martín, Argentina), Gerardo Gutiérrez Cham (Universidad de Guadalajara), Claudia Hammerschmidt (Friedrich-Schiller-Universität Jena), Christine Hatzky (Leibniz-Universität Hannover), Olaf Kaltmeier (Universität Bielefeld), Joachim Michael (Universität Bielefeld), Karla Alejandra Planter (Universidad de Guadalajara), Angela Schrott (Universität Kassel)


Advisory Board (2019-2021):
Elvira Narvaja de Arnoux (Universidad de Buenos Aires), Edgardo Lander (Universidad Central de Venezuela), Mara Viveros Vigoya (Universidad Nacional de Colombia), Claudia Zapata (Universidad de Chile), Stefan Peters (Universidad de Gießen-CAPAZ), Renee de la Torre (CIESAS Occidente), Martin Grossmann (Universidad de Sao Paulo), Kristina Dietz (Freie Universität Berlin), Martin Retamozo (Universidad Nacional de la Plata), Horacio Castellanos Moya (Universidad de Iowa), Christoph Mauch (Rachel Carson Center for Environment and Society Munich), Odette Casamayor Cisneros (Universidad de Connecticut), Kurmi Soto (Biblioteca Bicentenaria La Paz), Néstor García Canclini (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana), Judit Bokser Mises-Liwerant, (Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México), Stefan Rinke (Freie Universität Berlin), Mario Rufer (Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana – Unidad Xochimilco)


Former members (2017-2018):
Armando Barrientos (University of Manchester), Virginia García Acosta (CIESAS), Pablo Gentili (CLACSO), Claudia María Leal León (Universidad de los Andes), Stephan Lessenich (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München), Werner Mackenbach (Universidad de Costa Rica), John Mc Neill (Georgetown University), Gonzalo Portocarrero (Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú), Carlos Sanhueza (Universidad de Chile), José Vicente Tavares dos Sanots (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul), José Manuel Valenzuela (Colegio de la Frontera, Mexico)




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