Jochen Althoff

Jochen Althoff (Prof. Dr.), born in 1962, is a professor of ancient Greek at the University of Mainz. He has published on ancient science and philosophy, especially Aristotle, and organizes the yearly meeting of the research unit Ancient Science and its Reception and co-edits a publication series of the same name. Since 2013, he has been vice-speaker of the research training group Early Concepts of Man and Nature.

transcript-Publikationen in den Bereichen: Geschichtswissenschaft, Kulturgeschichte

Publikationen in den Reihen: Mainzer Historische Kulturwissenschaften

Web: RTG 1876 "Early Concepts of Man and Nature"

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Finding, Inheriting or Borrowing?
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Finding, Inheriting or Borrowing?

Construction and Transfer of Knowledge in Antiquity and the Middle Ages

This volume offers a multidisciplinary approach to the question of the construction and transfer of knowledge about man and nature in Antiquity and the Middle Ages.

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