Lisa Beisswanger


Lisa Beisswanger (Dr.) is an art historian and postdoctoral research assistant in the Department of Architectural Theory and Science at the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany. She works at the intersection of architecture and the visual arts. Her current project focuses on building systems and systems thinking in post-war educational architecture. After graduating from the University of Freiburg, she worked as a curatorial trainee and research assistant in the field of contemporary art, at Villa Merkel, Esslingen and Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt. She was a research assistant at the Institute for Art Education at Giessen University and a member of the interdisciplinary graduate center GCSC (International Graduate Centre for the Study of Culture). In 2020 she completed her doctorate Performance on Display on the history of performance in museums with distinction. The respective book publication is scheduled for autumn 2021.


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