Amy Clotworthy


Amy Clotworthy holds a Ph.D. in ethnology and a Master's degree in applied cultural analysis, both from the University of Copenhagen. In her position at the interdisciplinary Center for Healthy Aging (CEHA), she teaches and conducts research on how health and social policies targeting older people influence the sociocultural dynamics of later life. With an emphasis on everyday health practices, her research also investigates how the Danish healthcare sector, hospitals, and municipal authorities can improve professional practices by recognising the complexity of older people's life histories as well as the individual needs and priorities they express in their personal narratives.

transcript-Publikationen in den Bereichen: Aging Studies, Familien- und Careforschung, Gender und Queer Studies, Kulturwissenschaft

Publikationen in den Reihen: Aging Studies

Web: University of Copenhagen


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Empowering the Elderly?
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Empowering the Elderly?

How ›Help to Self-Help‹ Health Interventions Shape Ageing and Eldercare in Denmark

By investigating how state and economic interests intersect with everyday life, this book provides important insights into the provision of eldercare.

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