Ondrej Daniel


Ondrej Daniel earned his PhD from the Institute of Global History (Faculty of Arts) at Charles University in Prague in 2012, having specialised in post-socialism, nationalism, migration and popular culture. He has published over 30 academic articles and book chapters in Czech, English, French and Polish on the cultural impact of labour migration, minority issues and subcultures. His dissertation was published under the title Rock or Turbofolk: The Imagination of Migrants from the Former Yugoslavia (2013). In 2016, he published the monograph Za dvermi nového biedermeieru [Behind the Doors of the New Biedermeier], which collected his writing on subcultures and violence surrounding the development of Czech post-socialist mainstream culture. Together with Tomás Kavka and Jakub Machek, he co-edited the monograph Popular Culture and Subcultures of Czech Post-Socialism: Listening to the Wind of Change, published in 2016.

Web: Academia.edu


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