Michaela Haug

Michaela Haug is Assistant Professor at the Department for Social and Cultural Anthropology and Senior Researcher at the Global South Studies Center at the University of Cologne. She focuses on human-environment relations, political, economic and social change, inequality and gender relations with a regional focus on Southeast Asia. Her current research project explores how different and partly contradicting visions of the future affect forest use changes in Indonesian Borneo. Recent publications include the article Claiming Rights to the Forest in East Kalimantan: Challenging Power and Presenting Culture published in SOJOURN (2018) and a special issue on Translating Climate Change: Anthropology and the Travelling Idea of Climate Change in Sociologus, co-edited together with Sara de Wit and Arno Pascht (2018).

transcript-Publikationen in den Bereichen: Außereuropäische Ethnologie, Ethnologie und Kulturanthropologie

Publikationen in den Reihen: Kultur und soziale Praxis

Web: http://ethnologie.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/content.php?kid=79


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Being a Parent in the Field
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Being a Parent in the Field

Implications and Challenges of Accompanied Fieldwork

How being a parent in the field shapes ethnographic knowledge production?

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