Daniel Irrgang

Daniel Irrgang is a research fellow at Weizenbaum Institute, Berlin, where he is part of the research group »Inequality and Digital Sovereignty« (Berlin University of the Arts). He holds a PhD in media studies with a thesis on diagrammatics and theories of expanded mind. His work focusses on depictions of knowledge, HCI paradigms, art & technology, and epistemology.

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Practicing Sovereignty
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Practicing Sovereignty

Digital Involvement in Times of Crises

Digital sovereignty has become a hotly debated concept. The current convergence of multiple crises adds fuel to this debate, as it contextualizes the concept in a foundational discussion of democratic principles, civil rights, and national identities: is (technological) self-determination an option for every individual to cope with the digital sphere effectively? Can disruptive events provide chances to rethink our ideas of society – including the design of the objects and processes which constitute our techno-social realities? The positions assembled in this volume analyze opportunities for participation and policy-making, and describe alternative technological practices before and after the pandemic.


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