Ulrike Joras

Ulrike Joras (Dr. rer. nat.) works in the area of »Business & Peace« for swisspeace in Bern, Switzerland. Before joining swisspeace, she worked for the United Nations in New York and the Center for Development Research in Bonn.

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Publikationen in den Reihen: Kultur und soziale Praxis


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Companies in Peace Processes
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Companies in Peace Processes

A Guatemalan Case Study

The role of private companies in violent conflicts has gained increasingly more attention in recent years. Although the private sector is often associated with sustaining conflicts, companies are also assumed to be self-interested as well as able to support the prevention, settlement and transformation of violent conflicts.
This book explores the role of the private business sector during the civil war and the peace process in Guatemala. It examines and analyses the corporate positions during this period, aiming to add to a better understanding on the potentials and limits of integrating private business actors in conflict transformation.

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