Ayhan Kaya

Ayhan Kaya (MA, MSc, PhD.), Lecturer at the Department of Political Science and International Relations, Istanbul Bilgi University; specialised on the Berlin-Turkish youth cultures and the construction and articulation of modern diasporic identities; received his PhD and MSc degrees at the University of Warwick; his book on Berlin-Turkish youth is in print; has various articles on Berlin-Turkish youth cultures, ethnic-based political participation strategies of German-Turks, Berlin-Alevis, and historians' debate in Germany; currently working on Circassian diaspora in Turkey, globalisation, diaspora nationalism, German-Turks, and multicultural clientalism in the west.

transcript-Publikationen in den Bereichen: Soziologie, Soziologie der Migration

Publikationen in den Reihen: Kultur und soziale Praxis


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»Sicher in Kreuzberg«
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»Sicher in Kreuzberg«

Constructing Diasporas: Turkish Hip-Hop Youth in Berlin

This book examines the construction and articulation of diasporic cultural identity among the Turkish working-class youth in Kreuzberg (Little Istanbul), Berlin. This work primarily suggests that the contemporary diasporic consciousness is built on two antithetical axes: particularism and universalism. The presence of this dichotomy derives from the unresolved historical dialogues that the diasporic youths experience between continuity and disruption, essence and positionality, tradition and translation, homogeneity and difference, past and future, 'here' and 'there', 'roots' and 'routes', and local and global.

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