Dominik Meier

Dominik Meier is the owner and Managing Director of Miller & Meier Consulting, a political strategy consultancy he co-founded in 1997. He is chairman of the German Association of Political Consultants (de'ge'pol), which was founded in 2002. Furthermore, he is Vice President of the Public Affairs Community of Europe (PACE), a member of the Advisory Board of Transparency International Deutschland e. V., a member of the Advisory Board of the Travel Industry Club e. V. and an editorial member of the online journal »Political Science Applied«. His work focuses on strategic positioning and lobbying leadership T as well as issues of ethics, transparency and quality assurance in policy consulting.

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Power and its Logic
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Power and its Logic

Mastering Politics

Drawing upon two decades of international experience in political consulting, this book comprises an essential guidebook for decision-makers in politics, business and civil society.

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