Wiktor Skrzypczak


Wiktor Skrzypczak is a licensed architect and dance artist. They are currently working on a doctoral thesis about the correlations between bodily self-consciousness and space perception in architecture at HafenCity University, Hamburg. After graduating in architecture from the Technical University Łódź, they have been planning social housing in Hamburg. They are trained in dance improvisation and somatic pedagogy. Their practice has been shaped through training with Contact Improvisation pioneers: Nancy Stark Smith, Nita Little, Sara Shelton Mann, and Martin Keogh, as well as Body-Mind Centering practitioners: Sigrid Bohlens, Ka Rustler, Walburga Gatz, Anne Expert, Jens Johannsen, Friederike Tröscher, Nina Wehnert, and dance artists Thomas Kampe and Andrew Wass. They have been facilitating movement since 2014, by, among others: Queer Tango classes in Hamburg, the Queer Contact Improvisation symposium and dance festival in Hamburg, the Space, Body and Architecture workshop in Tel-Aviv, the Architecture: Imaginary Inhabitation, Bodily Imagination workshop in Hamburg, and the Spatial Imagination in Contact Improvisation workshop in Burdąg. Since 2016 they have been a member of Triade Tanzforum e.V.


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