Santiago Tejedor


Santiago Tejedor is Associate Professor and director at the Department of Journalism and Communication Sciences of the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB). PhD degree in Journalism and Communication Sciences from the Autonomous University of Barcelona (with honours-2006) and PhD degree in Project Engineering from the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC). His doctoral theses examined the teaching of digital journalism in Spain and the Web 2.0 in Latin America, respectively. Member of the Communication and Education Office research group of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, which is led by José Manuel Pérez Tornero. Participant in several publicly funded Spanish and European research projects related to media literacy and citizen participation: »DINAMIC, development of individual, corporate and citizen media literacy indicators« (2012-2014); »Showing films and other audio-visual content in European Schools – Obstacles and best practices« (2013-2014); »EMEDUS, European Media Literacy Education Study" (2012-2014). Visiting researcher at the Bolivarian Pontifical University of Medellin (Colombia), Latin University of San José (Costa Rica) and Central-American University of Managua (Nicaragua). Named »Egregious Educator« by the Higher Board of Directors of the University of Commercial Sciences (UCC) of Managua (Nicaragua) and »Distinguished visitor« by the Technological University of Honduras. Researching in the areas of digital journalism, media convergence and new transmedia narratives.



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