Olga Torres Díaz

Olga Torres Díaz (Dr.) is an Arabist and Islamologist. She holds a MA in International Relations and a Postgraduate degree in Analysis of Jihadist Terrorism, Insurgency and Radical Movements. Since 2014, she is a lecturer in Contemporary Arab World and a member of the research group »HUM-381: Ixbilia« at the University of Seville (Spain). Her doctoral thesis at the University of Seville deals with the first translation into Spanish of a 12th century Arab mirror for princes – a political and military manual –, identifying its parallelisms with BCE precedents in China and India and contemporary echoes to establish its insertion in a historical and ideological continuum. From 2015 to 2018, Dr. Torres Díaz has been a visiting lecturer at the Army War College, Spanish Ministry of Defence. In 2015, she has been a Visiting Lecturer at NATO Rapid Deployable Corps – Spain Headquarters (HQ NRDC-ESP). Her major research interest focuses on classical Islamic political thought and its traces on contemporary Islamic fundamentalist movements, primarily in the Middle East, Maghreb, and Sahel area. Current publications: Ali ibn Abi Bakr al-Harawi: fe, política y guerra en el pensamiento árabe clásico*, Islamism and Women in the Sahel: Roots and Evolution (2020), La expansion norteafricana del Daesh: repetición de patrones históricos y amenazas en la frontera sur Europa (2017).

Web: Academia.edu
HUM-381: Ixbilia


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