Andreas Unteidig

Andreas Unteidig works as a researcher, lecturer, and designer. He is an associated researcher at Weizenbaum Institute, Berlin, and heads the MA program Transformation Design at HBK Braunschweig. His work explores the intersections between design, technology, and processes of social change.

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Practicing Sovereignty
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Practicing Sovereignty

Digital Involvement in Times of Crises

Digital sovereignty has become a hotly debated concept. The current convergence of multiple crises adds fuel to this debate, as it contextualizes the concept in a foundational discussion of democratic principles, civil rights, and national identities: is (technological) self-determination an option for every individual to cope with the digital sphere effectively? Can disruptive events provide chances to rethink our ideas of society – including the design of the objects and processes which constitute our techno-social realities? The positions assembled in this volume analyze opportunities for participation and policy-making, and describe alternative technological practices before and after the pandemic.

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