Bernhard Wieser

Bernhard Wieser (PhD) is Associate Professor for Science and Technology Studies at Alpen-Adria-University, Klagenfurt – Wien – Graz. In his research he investigates ethical, legal, and social aspects of genome research and their application in genetic diagnostics. In previous projects he focused on the analysis of processes contributing to the individualisation of responsibility in the context of genetic examinations. Moreover, he has investigated diffusion factors of genetic testing in medical practice and how diagnosed persons become confronted with their "genetic identity". Technology and organisational frameworks of application are central to his research since they shape the ways in which genetic health problems are prompted and their possible solutions are pre-structured.

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How Genes Matter
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How Genes Matter

Genetic Medicine as Subjectivisation Practices

Understanding how genetic factors contribute to who we are requires a broader analysis of genetic medicine as a social practice.

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