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Line Grenier, Kim Sawchuk, Fannie Valois-Nadeau
Chapter 6: Resoundingly Entangled
Ageing and Memory in Étoile des aînés in Quebec
DOI: 10.14361/9783839436837-007
Line Grenier, Kim Sawchuk and Fannie Valois-Nadeau devote their chapter to a theoretical and empirical exploration of the dynamic entanglements of memory making and ageing enacted during a musical talent competition for seniors launched in Québec by a major operator in the senior housing market. Drawing from their ethnographic study of the competition, »Resoundingly Entangled. Ageing and Memory in Étoile des aînés in Quebec« examines a particular moment of musicking involving the vocal rendition of »Climb Ev'ry Mountain« from the Sound of Music in order to highlight specific modes of entanglements through which individual and collective experiences are made to resonate.