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Sébastien Boulay, Mohamed Dahmi
Humor, Mockery and Defamation in Western Sahara
How Do Sahrawi Artists Use New Media to Perform Political Criticism?
DOI: 10.14361/9783839440698-003
Looking at humor in a context of conflict, tragedy and suffering can seem surprising and even morally inappropriate. However, when one begins to examine the artistic production which circulates on the Web in Western Sahara and in the Saharawi society, one realizes quite quickly that humor and derision occupy a significant place there; these registers make it possible to convey and accept by the public (s) sensitive subjects which would not be raised publicly in any other way. The emergence of new media, which rely heavily on images, has probably pushed artists to introduce certain innovations in their performances, to reach new audiences with laughter. In order to better understand the role, the forms but also the constraints of humorous performance in contemporary Saharawi political life, the text examines three works (poem-operetta, One Man Show and video clip), which seem particularly new regarding the classical Sahrawi artistic production.