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Andressa Schröder, Nico Völker, Robert A. Winkler, Tom Clucas
Introduction: Why Juxtapose the Concepts of Nostalgia and Sustainability?
DOI: 10.14361/9783839441220-002
The introduction by Schröder, Völker, Winkler and Clucas to the volume is divided up into four major sections. Parts one and two introduce and discuss the conceptual history of the volume's focal concepts of »nostalgia« and »sustainability«. Following those, part three makes the case for the juxtaposition of the two concepts as it is argued that, despite conventional wisdom seeing them as opposites, each concept is strongly informed by the other and thus both can be understood in new and productive ways by bringing them together whilst adding perspectives from the study of culture. Finally, part four outlines the overall structure of the book and also gives short summaries of each of the volume's contributions.