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Ingmar Lippert
In, with and of STS
DOI: 10.14361/9783839443798-011
Ingmar Lippert uses this afterword to critically analyse how STS scholars relate to how they »perform« Science and Technology Studies in research practice. By that it reacts to these questions: How do we narrate about how we »use« STS for social scientific research? How do we study STS research practices? Do all research practices that involve STS concepts contribute to STS? Where the edited volume »Wie forschen mit den ›Science and Technology Studies‹?« contributes to providing answers in the borderlands of these questions, the afterword problematises how we perform reflexivity, how we are (not) analysing STS's own research practices, and how we tell simultaneous stories of what STS as a field is or might be. With this problematisation, this essay argues for a praxeography of STS, involving methodographic, conceptographic and cartographic analyses.