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Denis Wood, Andre Mesquita, Francis Harvey, Lize Mogel, Felipe Martín
Discussing Counter-Cartographies
DOI: 10.14361/9783839445198-044
Instead of a conclusion »This Is Not an Atlas« ends with a discussion between critical cartographers who are engaged in activism, art and academia in order to reflect counter-cartographies in general and Not-an-Atlas in particular. The discussion aims at deepening our understanding of maps and atlases, as well as map-making and atlas-making. At the same time, it points towards future ways of developing a counter-cartographic culture. This is not a conclusion because Not-an-Atlas does not end with this discussion. Moreover, it is part of a cartography in movement that started long ago and might keep on moving for quite a while. André Mesquita, Denis Wood, Felipe Martín Novoa, Francis Harvey, Iconoclasistas, Lize Mogel, Liz Mason-Deese & Tim Stallmann from the Counter Cartographies Collective and kollektiv orangotango+ participate in this discussion.