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Nicky Bird
Ghosting the Castle: the case of (re)landscaping in a Northern place
DOI: 10.14361/9783839449509-009
Nicky Bird reflects on a recent project in Helmsdale, Northern Scotland which focused on layered histories and issues related to a medieval castle and the A9 bridge which replaced it. Bird discusses the role archival photographs played in local people's narratives. Largely »vernacular« in character, these photographs were located in public and private archives. The chapter asks how photography in its widest sense, prompts memories and knowledge, as well as what kinds of critical questions are provoked? Photographs triggered divergent community memories and viewpoints, from whether the castle could have been saved, to how the bridge would change the rhythm of village life. General knowledge of photography's uses within archaeological and planning practices shaped critical »what if« questions raised by the community. Consequently, the relationship between vernacular photography, unofficial knowledge and memory led to questions of heritage destruction and preservation. These significant insights were realised through the project's innovative »oral and walking framework« methodology, which in turn, led to the key contribution of Bird's chapter: photography and its relationship to forms of »intangible cultural heritage.«