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Stefanie Mayer, Edma Ajanovic, Birgit Sauer
Man, Woman, Family. Gender and the Limited Modernization of Right-Wing Extremism in Austria
DOI: 10.14361/9783839449806-006
Stefanie Mayer, Edma Ajanovic and Birgit Sauer explore how research from a gender perspective enriches our understanding of the contemporary far-right. They argue that the notions of right-wing extremism and right-wing populism can be used as analytical lenses that put attention on different levels of analyses, i.e. on the ideological level and the level of political strategies respectively. Starting from this framework, the authors analyze three strands of gendered far-right discourses with regard to their ideological content (i.e. right-wing extremism) and with regard to populist political strategies, i.e. the construction of antagonistic political relations. These are first, the heteronormative, anti-feminist strand that rests on the naturalization of gender and gender relations; second, the gendering of racism, i.e. the ethnicization of sexism in order to fuel anti-immigration and anti-Muslim racism; and third, the interlinking of these discourses in nativist population policies. The authors conclude that right-wing populist strategies importantly contribute to the limited modernization of right-wing extremism, thereby strengthening its public appeal rather than changing its ideological outlook.