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Anne Geisler-Szmulewicz
Zwischen Feuillet-Pastiche und Flaubert-Hommage
Yvette von Guy de Maupassant, ein Werk voll literarischer Anklänge
DOI: 10.14361/9783839452844-010
The intent of the author of this article is to show that Maupassant's short story, Yvette, published in 1884, is a work filled by opposing echoes, some of which have been ignored by critics. In his short story, Maupassant combines the memory of Flaubert and that of one of his literary foes, Octave Feuillet, the leader of the idealistic novel, often chastised by realists like Zola or Flaubert. In these circumstances, writing a story about a young lady from the »rastaquouère« world could be seen as a militant act. Yvette is both a pastiche of an idealistic Feuillet novel and a tribute to the author of Madame Bovary, a slayer of preconceived ideas.