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Oliver Auge
Spielzeugritterburgen aus mediävistischer Sicht
DOI: 10.14361/9783839453582-013
Production and sales of toy castles are connected to several motivations of the toy manufacturers. The effort to be authentically by adopting a specific historic example may at best play a subordinate role, if at all. Moreover, well-established notions of the one and only medieval fortress which are related to ideas and views originated from the topic areas of fairytale and fantasy will implemented. The military dimension is dominating considering the liveworld castle in general: watchtowers, defensive walls, battlements, embrasures, drawbridges, moat - all of these installations belong to the toy inventory. Special types as the moated castle, for example, are rather neglected - nevertheless, there is a kit of the fortress named before in the LEGO range. Types of castles which were locally very popular in the past as the motte castle does not seem to exist. The most common is the »classic« knight's (hilltop) castle of the 12th/13th century built of stone - admittedly, known in the design the 19th and the beginning 20th centuries had modified them in the spirit of the Romanticism.