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Stefan Apostolou-Hölscher
The Dance Workshop as a Sensuous Group Technology
Or: What Can Dance Learn from Ludwig Feuerbach?
DOI: 10.14361/9783839453797-008
I would like to propose to rethink the workshop format in the field of dance in terms of a group technology being based on a sensuousness without prejudice of its participants which as such enables dance as a primarily sensuous practice to enter yet unknown terrains. I will do so by in a first step referring to Mårten Spångberg's recent prioritisation of the notion of dance over the one of choreography and in a second step by reconsidering a rather historical constellation, precisely the one of Ludwig Feuerbach's aversion against Georg Friedrich Wilhelm Hegel's system of thought. What I want to propose by doing so is a parallel between choreography and prejudiced thinking on the one hand and dance and unprejudiced sensuousness on the other hand.